About Us

Hi everyone! Professionals of the gambling industry rarely appear in the limelight. We usually prefer to stay in the background and remain unknown. Thousands of customers might be using our products without knowing our names and biographies — and we are absolutely ok with that. But today, we would like to talk about ourselves a bit. We do it not because we would like to become famous — but because people have asked us about it. So, let us get acquainted!

What We Do

We are proud to say that we build cutting-edge gambling products. Our team is versatile: it includes developers, marketers, designers, content creators and so on. Not everyone will be mentioned in this article because that would take too much time and screen space.

All our team members have vast experience in the field. Previously, we have worked for diverse gambling brands from all around the world. Some of us were lucky enough to work for huge providers that set the bar high for the whole industry. Others started in small local companies, honed their skills and moved to more perspective areas.

What we are doing now enables us to express our own vision and opinion of gambling in the 2020s. Our current job allows us to try innovative approaches and experiment freely. Our workflow is very well organized. We never lose time on excessive meetings, testing and coordinating things. We work very fast and we have an ideal understanding between ourselves. This gives our company a significant competitive edge over its numerous rivals.

Meet Our Team

Alex Cronier - Product Manager

Alex Cronier

Product Manager

My mother used to work as a dealer in an offline casino before I was born. She loved that job but quit it to be able to focus on the family. When I was a kid, I felt a bit guilty because she sacrificed her vocation to take care of me! When I told her that I wanted to work in the gambling sphere, she blessed me.

This is the third company that I work at. I've been a friend with Sid Nayak for along time, we both like playing casino games, so one day we decided to start this web project.

I love slots a lot. Each time I start exploring a new machine, I try to make the most of it. I devote many hours to it, I spin the reels, I modify the sum of my bets and the number of paylines, I try to reach every possible bonus level… I’m glad that my job allows me to test new titles before they hit the market. Also, I can play for free some of the games that are normally not available in free trial mode. Yes, I’m happy and I know it!

Sid Nayak - Editor-in-chief

Sid Nayak


I love igaming because I adore cutting-edge technologies and I enjoy experiencing vivid emotions.

My favorite game is live roulette. Since my daily job is connected with casinos, I don’t want to make a mental effort when playing for fun. I just make my stake, I watch the ball jump and finally… Hopefully, I win! I won’t disclose the name of my favorite provider because that would be unprofessional.

My CV is a bit boring: I’ve been working for this company ever since I graduated. I started freelancing as a content writer for the igaming industry when I was a student, so I gathered a convincing portfolio and I was hired. And I’m not planning to leave any time soon!

Chirag Sam - Front End Developer

Chirag Sama

Web Developer

I’ve been dreaming about a job in the entertainment industry since I was 5 years old. First, I thought I would become a Lego designer. Then my parents bought me a console and I realized that I wanted to build video games. I used to play Counter Strike on a semi-professional level when I was a teen. But finally, I decided to devote my life to the casino industry.

Today, I’m fascinated with the perspectives of virtual and augmented reality in gambling. I’m looking forward to the advent of 5G and 6G. I want to be among the first to explore this new universe!

Sapna Mehan - Marketing Specialist

Sapna Mehan

Marketing Manager

I started as a marketer in the educational sphere but quickly realized that it was too boring for me. I have a vibrant personality and I love adrenaline. So I quit the company where I worked before and started to look through job ads. Of course, no one wanted to hire me first because my previous experience was not relevant to gambling at all! But finally, I am here and I think I’m performing well.

Among all the casino games, I love video poker the most. In such a format, I can fully concentrate on cards and do not get distracted by the dealer. Of course, I adore the dealers! But I prefer a faster pace of the game. When the dealer smiles at me, I always smile back — even though I realize that they cannot see me. Being a woman, I always assess the dealer’s dress, makeup and hair. But what I need right now is to improve my poker skills. I dream of becoming a professional poker player in the future. I’m not sure whether I would like to concentrate on the online or offline variety of the game, but I’m committed to do it.

Our mission

Our mission consists of three noble tasks:

Safe and Responsible Gambling

We strive to maintain the positive image of gambling. We promote responsible gambling and we try to explain to people that gambling can be 100% safe and pleasant. Too many potential clients of online casinos do not know that they can set expenditure limits. They have never heard of self-exclusion. At the same time, not all casinos feature such an opportunity. Only selected projects inform their newbies upon registration that they can set their daily, weekly or monthly limits.

New Technologies Promotion

We contribute to the technological development of the sphere. It might sound weird for some people but the gambling sphere is rather conservative. If you check the list of the most popular games on any national market or in any particular casino, you will see that people prefer simple slots. It takes little time to figure out how they function and customers feel more confident when spinning their reels. But it doesn’t mean that we need to copy the most successful recipes over and over! We need to move forward, without making games too complicated. Apart from the games, the industry should develop other advanced solutions, such as administrative systems, payment processing methods and so on. A lot of work needs to be done in many directions — and it inspires us.

Make People Happy

We try to make people happy. The ultimate goal of all casino brands is to help their customers to disconnect from the surrounding routine and immerse themselves in a make-believe world. We are creating dreams and fairytales — but we need to always comply with the law and remember about multiple national and international regulations. We are proud our work makes people forget about their daily problems and find new sources of inspiration. We are glad when people smile because of what we do.

These are rather ambitious tasks. It takes a lot of time and effort to implement our bold ideas. But we are committed to success and we always strive to outperform ourselves! Our job enables us to experience almost the same adrenaline that we feel in a casino.

Online gambling is an amazing sphere. It enables people to experience vivid emotions and gives them a chance to win real cash. Of course, gambling cannot be considered a stable source of income and it cannot substitute a job. But it is an excellent pastime and hobby! Thanks to technological progress, online gambling becomes accessible to everyone. We think that it is a wonderful opportunity and we are happy to be a part of this meaningful trend. We gladly invite you to try our products and express your honest opinion about them! Thank you for your attention! We are looking forward to seeing you in an online casino!