Online Gambling In India

If you enjoy real money gambling, digital casinos and betting websites, in this review you will discover exhaustive information about online gambling in India. You will get to know whether this type of entertainment is legal, how to select a credible gambling platform and which virtual games are considered «top».

Online Gambling Games

Newbies are normally curious to get to know the online gambling meaning. Internet gambling is a broad notion that consists of 5 large sectors: poker, online casino, sports betting, bingo and lotteries. You can enjoy a casino game online. This might be slots, poker and other table or card games. In some games, live dealers broadcast in real time from physical casino tables.

If the above-mentioned forms of entertainment seem too complicated for you, try your luck at craps, keno, bingo or lotteries. In this case, all you need to do to win a cash prize is to draw a lucky ticket or guess a set of numbers. The popularity of sports betting in India is steadily growing. Melbet company might be a good example of safe and popular among Indian players sports bookie. The demand for cricket and horse racing betting is increasing especially rapidly.

The assortment of entertainment is very vast. If you are not ready to play casino yet, you can indulge in many other exciting activities on online gambling sites.

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Online Casino Games

On gambling platforms, you will find the following types of online casino games:

  •  slots games;
  •  table games;
  •  card games;
  •  live dealer entertainment.

To play slots games, push the button to set the reels of the machine in motion. You get a prize if the symbols on the reels compile a winning combination after the full stop.

Gambling with live dealers in real time vividly recreates the experience of making stakes in a brick-and-mortar venue. However, you can play the same games without a dealer too.

To spice up the gameplay and reduce the customers’ expenses, most projects distribute lucrative bonuses.

Most Popular Casino Gambling Games in India

The majority of digital casinos offer the same international games. However, India has its own gambling traditions. In this country, there are national varieties of some world-famous games. You can hardly find these titles on foreign sites.

Below, you will find a brief description of the most popular Indian games. Most of them have analogs in other countries. If you are not from India but would like to try them, it will take just a couple of minutes to figure out how they function. Only two of them require skills and experience, while the two others rely on pure luck.

Andar Bahar

In Andar Bahar online, one card lies face up. The dealer distributes a full deck between two piles. To win this card game, guess the pile that contains the card that matches your initial one.

Jhandi Munda

To win Jhandi Munda online, guess which symbol appears the most often in a single roll of 6 dice. In other countries, this simple street game is known as Langur Burja or Crown and Anchor.


In Rummy online, players compile winning combinations with the cards of the same suit or kind. They use cards that they received from the dealer plus the ones from the stock. This requires certain skills.

Teen Patti

This 3 card game originated in India and is known as the Indian Poker. You should compile winning combinations, making a certain intellectual effort. People play Teen Patti for cash to obtain real money wins.

Online Betting

When betting on sports, you do not need to rely on pure luck. To maximize your odds to win, you should read the news of the selected discipline as well as expert forecasts and watch the matches.

In most sportsbooks, you can make the following types of bets:

  •  the outrights suggest that you should try to guess the winner of a particular event;
  •  in specials betting, you need to guess not the outcome but other parameters such as the number of corners;
  •  an accumulator bet allows you to make stakes on several events simultaneously.


This game is extremely popular in India and several surrounding countries as well as a few English-speaking countries (but not in America). But in Europe, Africa, the Americas and other parts of Asia, it enjoys only modest demand. So if you are looking for a worthy cricket betting app or generous cricket betting sites, you should opt for the local and not international projects. The largest event in this discipline is the IPL. Thanks to wagers that feature bets on the Indian national cricket team, you can win a lot of money if you are an expert in this sport.

Horse Racing

Betting on horses is also popular not all around the world but only in selected countries, scattered in different regions of the planet. Indian horse racing betting sites will offer you a much larger selection of events if compared to, let’s say, German or Russian. The most high-profile races are the Indian Oaks, Derby and St.Leger.

Horse races always look spectacular in live streaming. So in addition to adrenaline, you will also experience aesthetic pleasure. Some people believe it is easier to predict the outcome of a horse race than the outcome of a match of two human teams.

Football Betting

Football betting sites enjoy enormous popularity all over the world. But if you are from India, you are likely to follow the news of Indian players and local football clubs. In this country, people spend a lot of money on stakes during the Shillong Premier League and the matches of the Indian national football team.

If you enjoy international football too, you might be tempted to place bets on foreign platforms — especially if those offer profitable coefficients. Before doing so, check whether they accept rupees. If not, you will need to pay for the automatic conversion of each transaction.


Kabaddi betting is limited to India and a few surrounding countries. In this region, you can place bets on the Kabaddi World Cup, PKL or Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. You will hardly find this discipline on foreign betting platforms or will be able to win a lot there.

Thanks to the geographical limitations, it is convenient to follow the news of this sport. You clearly understand which players are in good shape and which teams have higher chances to win. However, the fact that it is a team game and not a one-on-one sport adds unpredictability to the betting process.


Tennis betting sites are popular on a global scale and the competition in this sector is consistently high. If you want to place bets on Wimbledon, you can do it on an Indian or a foreign platform. Before you create an account in an international project, check its Terms and Conditions page. You need to make sure that its bonuses and other perks are available for players from your country.

On the Internet, plenty of tennis betting tips are published for free. It hardly makes sense to pay for «expert forecasts» — they will not give you a 100% guarantee.

Online Lottery

Casino games and sport bets require time, nerves and mental effort. If you aim to relax and unwind without exposing yourself to too much adrenaline, you can participate in a lottery. All you need to do is to purchase a ticket, cross out several numbers and wait patiently till the draw.

Government lotteries are highly reliable. But the ones organized by private companies might feature larger prizes. In the national news, you would sometimes read or hear about the winners who managed to hit a jackpot. Such lotteries offer citizens a chance to drastically change their life with minimal investments.

Best Online Gambling Sites

Below, you can familiarize yourself with a selection of top-notch online gambling sites. It includes:

  •  casino sites;
  •  sport betting sites;
  •  lottery.

All of them are legal and safe. Their reputation is impeccable and people’s reviews about them are overwhelmingly positive. Many seasoned gamblers name these projects as their favorite casinos and sportsbooks.

These platforms offer their clients fair odds to win. If you manage to get a prize, it will be paid to you quickly and honestly. Your financial transactions will be encrypted by SSL certificates. No third parties will ever be able to get hold of your private data.

Online Gambling for Real Money

If you are interested in online gambling, you probably aim to not only feel excitement but also use your chance to win real money. Predictably, newbies feel nervous before putting their savings at stake for the first time. Fortunately, many websites allow them to train for free first, without risking their cash. When they gain enough experience and feel confident, they can switch to the full-fledged paid mode at any moment.

Before requesting your first withdrawal, you will be required to verify your personality according to KYC standards. It is an important safety norm among legit and licensed casinos.

In this article, you can discover a selection of trusted real money gambling sites that guarantee 100% security of all financial transactions on desktop and mobile. Below, you can find a selection of the best payment methods that you can safely resort to. Not all of them are related to the conventional banking system.

All legal casinos encourage their clients to gamble responsibly. Some of them allow their clients to set daily, weekly and monthly expenditure limits in their user profile. Once you reach the limit, the system will not allow you to play until the end of the set period.

Top 5 Gambling Sites to Play for Real Money

On the Internet, you can select among hundreds of gambling websites. If you aim to place bets with real cash, you should thoroughly investigate the payout conditions of the platform before creating an account on it. Pay special attention to the following aspects:

  •  min deposit;
  •  max withdrawal;
  •  commissions of each payment system and the gambling platform;
  •  how quick are deposits and withdrawals;
  •  can you top up your balance and withdraw cash in your currency.

Below, you will find a hand-picked selection of licensed projects that allow customers to gamble for real cash. They pay out the prizes promptly and honestly.

How to Choose a Gambling Website

On the Internet, there are so many gambling projects available in both desktop and mobile formats that you will be spoilt for choice. Below, you will find essential criteria that will enable you to select the most generous and genuine gambling sites with fair odds to win and fast payouts.

Type of Gambling Games

The entertainment catalogs of diverse projects might differ drastically. Some might offer their customers only online casino games. Others feature online betting on sports events and esports. More and more sites and apps tend to offer games with live dealers — but some lack them yet.

On most platforms, you can check the catalogs before creating an account in the system. Make sure that the project has all the types of entertainment you are interested in. It would be nice if the catalog had handy filters to help you categorize the games. Plus, there should be a search bar too.

Safe and Secure

Before creating an account in the system you should double check whether it has a license. The number of this document and the name of the organization that issued it can be typically found in the footer of the main page. Alternatively, you can search for it in the About Us, Security or Terms and Conditions section. Also, you can ask the clients’ support about it. Then, proceed to the site of the organization that issued the license to ascertain that the name of the gambling project is indeed listed there.

Read the Terms and Conditions page attentively, paying special attention to the wagering requirements of the bonuses and the geographical limitations.

Make sure that the project resorts to encryption to protect its users’ private data. The current industry standard is to employ SSL certificates. They are normally mentioned in the footer of the main page or in the Security section.

Payment Methods

Most platforms feature those payment methods that their customers use for their everyday shopping. They allow their clients to select among bank cards and transfers as well as web wallets. Some also accept payments via crypto wallets, mobile carriers accounts or prepaid vouchers.

For fast payouts, web or crypto wallets are ideal. They normally offer reasonable minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals. Bank transfers and cards take several days to process the withdrawals and establish high minimum withdrawal limits. Deposit top-ups should be instant in most cases regardless of the payment method.

All online banking systems charge a commission for carrying out financial transactions. Gambling projects can charge a fee too — but some avoid doing so, so try to find one of these.

An essential parameter of each gambling project is its RTP. It reflects the ratio of funds that the casino pays out to its customers.

Mobile Usability

Most likely, you would like to place bets not only from your stationary computer but from a portable gadget too. A casino might either offer you to download its gambling app or visit its mobile site. To access them all, you need to always introduce the same combination of login and password.

Top apps are equally compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. But before you install them, make sure they are compatible with your version of the operating system. In most cases, the app should be compatible not only with the latest version but also with a few previous ones.

Customer Service

The customer service should be available 24/7 via diverse channels of communication:

  •  live chat;
  •  toll-free phone number;
  •  email.

For urgent questions, you should resort to the live chat. You will need the email to sort out issues related to financial transactions because you will need to attach the scans of the documents.

Before creating an account on a new platform, seasoned gamblers try to talk with the moderators just to assess their level of professionalism. The support team of top platforms are friendly and polite. They patiently answer all the questions that newbies ask and promptly fix any issues.

Why You Can Trust Us

We are proud to say that our online casino comparison site has an impeccable reputation. Our team is sincerely passionate about online gambling and each of our editors has over 5 years of experience in this sphere. We strive to be responsible and impartial. Each of the gambling reviews that we share on our site contains the most accurate and up-to-date information. We are happy because our project is one of the most trusted and recommended review casino websites on the national level. People’s feedback about our work has been consistently positive and our colleagues respect our professionalism and dedication.


You can win real money when placing bets with real cash. When training in free demo mode, it is impossible to convert the winnings into a real currency. However, you should realize that the casinos keep on functioning only because their customers lose more than win. Each game has its house edge — this term denotes the funds that the platform reserves as its commission. The return-to-player (RTP) ratio indicated the ratio of money that is distributed among the customers. Even if you win once or twice, you should not expect your luck to be systematic in the long run.

The list of the available payment options should be published in the Banking section of the gambling project. Typically, it includes bank cards and transfers as well as several web wallets. Some platforms also accept prepaid vouchers, cryptocurrency and payments from mobile carrier operator accounts. Most likely, you will be able to top up your balance and cash out your winnings through the same payment system that you use for your casual shopping. Mind that each system charges a fee for carrying out financial transactions and has certain limits. You can perform the transactions both in the desktop and mobile format.

If you are talking about offline bets, the answer would be negative. Offline betting goes against the national and state law. However, online betting is legal — both on offline sports and esports. Feel free to find a legit site or app of a bookmaker and create an account there. Some bookmakers double as online casinos, others specialize exclusively in sports bets. Before signing up, make sure that the project is licensed and encrypts its users’ confidential data with SSL certificates. Glance through its Terms and Conditions page attentively. Check the list of the available payment options and their conditions.

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